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Welcome to my homepage. I am Taneli Poutvaara, designer and planner in technical-artistic branch in Helsinki, Finland. My current role is small scale entrepreneurship and running theoretical, practical and other creative projects.

I founded the in summer 2012 - already then, I was presenting my design philosophy and a starter-version of the picture gallery. In the pages there has been the “Kirjoitettua”, “Written”, as a renewing content since 18.12.2015 with 278 writings. In my pages there are a lot of connections, a contact channel, an extended 1835-pictures "Kuvasto" was published 29.4.2018 and it represents familiar images for me and 170-pictures "ARK-Kuvasto" published in 14.5.2018 has focus on my own projects. In spring 2018 I took into use a new registered trademark. All pictures of the pages are made by me and I have copyrights for my own works. In Autumn 2019 I changed the graphic outlook of the page and in addition made some updates and the data was primary transferred as such for the new outlook.

The web-page presents a general summary of my skills and presents my activities in architecture, design, graphic design and visual arts - of which I have experience from time of more than three decades. I have good readiness for designing and realizing various projects, but at the same time limited time resources.

Visitor counter just exceeded two million visitors, but of the traffic more than a million visits is made by robot-visitors and similar commercial or government businesses.


Taneli Poutvaara 23.03.2022