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Some seldom known facts about Finland and America

Finland Even Did Make America Great Again

I Nature and Agriculture

Finland has the largest reptile population of the world, by the picture estimated 1 snake / 10 sqm – that means a country-wide population of 30 billion snakes. They live in harmony with agriculture. If you are filming a Hollywood blockbuster you can save on set design.


II Fishing

Forget sharks, tunas and other small fish. Here in Finland we have the Worlds best Big Catches for leisure time fishing.


III Industry and invention of high-tech
In Finland there was the First Silicon Valley of Europe already centuries ago. We invented the present and future American financial instruments even before computers were invented: Feds wealth creating machine was actually made in Finland in the Middle-ages and salvaged by Americans for the post Bretton Woods World.

IV World Trade


We in Finland have experience in trade wars and copyright fights with some of the most difficult bitches of the planet. In fact, as a result of the fight shown we even gave the Fed after the World Wars the money-making high-tech instrument that they have been actively using for decades.



Hyvää modernin Kalavaleen päivää!

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